Real Estate

Avery Dooley & Noone provides skilled representation in a wide variety of real estate transactions. Our real estate attorneys are retained lenders by developers, institutional and private lenders, and other individuals who seek quality advice and legal expertise for real estate matters. Because of our broad experience, we are able to bring to each client the benefit of our knowledge of a transaction from a variety of perspectives.

We recognize that each real estate transaction is unique, and we assist our clients in identifying objectives and devising appropriate strategies to achieve their goals. We strive to solve problems while identifying risks, always seeking to find a way to make the deal happen within client-established parameters.

Residential Real Estate

Our real estate practice includes all aspects of home buying and selling throughout Massachusetts. Our attorneys ensure that buyers and sellers complete their home-buying or selling transactions without falling into any of the traps that await the unwary. We understand that for most of our clients, purchasing a first or second home or condominium is a major investment, and we are respectful of the resources that they are using to fulfill their dreams. Our attorneys also represent residential real estate investors who usually have different goals from clients who are not acquiring a place to live or vacation. Although these clients are dissimilar in some ways, our real estate lawyers provide both with the knowledgeable counsel and representation necessary to concluding their transactions smoothly, efficiently, and within the parameters of the law.

Commercial Real Estate

Avery Dooley & Noone’s commercial real estate practice provides legal services to developers and landlords as well as buyers and sellers of commercial property. Our attorneys represent clients at all stages of their projects, from acquisition and assemblage of land to securing tenants and developing leases. We assist with establishing the appropriate business entity for the transaction or project. Our attorneys help clients obtain zoning and construction permits and represent them before Zoning Boards of Appeal. We negotiate, draft, and review the many contracts that are part of commercial transactions.

Institutional Lenders

Avery Dooley & Noone represents lenders in both residential and commercial transactions. We handle drafting and reviewing residential and construction loan documents, residential and condominium development plans and contracts, and title insurance documentation and coverage.

Zoning and Land Use

Our attorneys assist clients with all types of zoning and land use matters. Obtaining zoning approval and necessary permits in a timely manner often represents the difference between a successful project and one that drags on and results in substantial losses. This can be true for institutional, residential, and corporate projects and requires a knowledgeable and experienced zoning lawyer to serve as a guide and counselor through the process. Our clients in land use and zoning matters range from individual homeowners to commercial property developers, and we defend clients against zoning violation charges and toxic contamination claims. Contact us to discuss your needs for legal representation for your real estate transactions.