Security Clearance

For law enforcement officers, Department of Defense employees, and government contractors who are required to work with sensitive government information, a security clearance is often a prerequisite for employment. If the government suspends or revokes your security clearance, you may lose your ability to work in your chosen field. You will need assistance in guiding you through the processes for contesting and appealing adverse security clearance rulings and determinations.

Generally, the determination of your ability to maintain a security clearance is based exclusively on the government’s assessment of your ability to hold a clearance. The Supreme Court has held that decisions on security clearance matters are, under the Constitution, within the exclusive province of the Executive Branch. Therefore, it is critical to carefully, completely, and persuasively set forth the appropriate arguments to address the Statement of Reasons for revoking or suspending your clearance. You cannot afford to take lightly the security clearance processes.

For government contractors, the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals makes the final decision on security clearance matters. For federal employees, final decisions on security clearance matters are made by the various government agency’s personnel security appeals board. The courts have no jurisdiction to review the merits of any security clearance decision.

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