Businesses & Corporations

Our corporate law clients include closely held and family businesses as well as small businesses. Avery Dooley & Noone regularly work with individuals seeking to start a new business or chart a path for a new venture. We provide advice and counsel on the choice of entity, organization, control, and all other aspects associated with formation. We also participate in assembling a team of other professionals, as and when needed, including accountants and insurance advisors. Our clients often seek our advice and counsel on day-to day-matters including the:

  • Hiring and dismissal of employees
  • Utilization of independent contractors
  • Corporate governance
  • Assessment of expansion opportunities

We are also engaged regularly in the review, negotiation, and preparation of all types of business agreements. Many of our family business clients and closely held clients view us as an extension of their management team and seek our counsel in connection with significant business decisions. While we are mindful of the differences between business and legal considerations, we frequently are asked to fill the void and step into a more active partnership with our clients to help resolve problems and provide future direction. Contact us to discuss how we can help your small business.