Federal Employees Restricted by Marijuana

Oftentimes, what an employee does when they are “off the clock” is none of their employer’s business. However, this is not always the case when one’s employer is the federal government. For example, if a federal employee has been granted a security clearance, that employee’s decision to engage in heavy gambling, their struggle with substance […]

Grievances in Federal Employment

Every federal employee who has passed their probation period is entitled to specific legal protections. If a federal employee’s rights have been infringed upon, they can avail themselves of certain procedures that may allow them to effectively voice their grievances and pursue appropriate recourse. The proper grievance procedure for any situation is typically dictated by […]

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Retaliation Rights of Federal Employees

Federal employees benefit from legal protections greater than most private-sector employees. However, these legal protections do not guarantee employees are protected from any perceived unfair treatment on the job. Instead, the laws provide potential solutions for those whose legal rights have been infringed upon at work under certain circumstances. These legal protections mean that, if […]