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As a federal employee, your job with the federal government—along with its attendant rights and benefits—is perhaps your most valuable investment. You and your family have come to depend on it not only for financial support, but also for healthcare benefits, disability coverage, and retirement income. Should issues at work such as discipline, administrative inquiries, retaliation, illness, injury or other concerns necessitate the services of an attorney, you cannot risk placing the fate of your career into the hands of someone not devoted to the practice of federal employment law. Although federal employment law is no more complex than other forms of litigation, its unique rules, procedural pitfalls, and distinct administrative appeal and complaint systems can leave you susceptible to the most powerful opponent any litigant can be pitted against—the United States Government. Call our federal employment lawyers today for a Free Consultation. 617-489-5300.

Regardless of your choice of representation, it is critical that you select attorneys who are aware of the technical rules and procedural rights you are bound to, and who have the confidence and experience to meet the government head-on. There are few attorneys throughout the country that practice this type of law and who are able to provide you with instant professional advice in a time of personal crisis. Avery Dooley & Noone provides you with the level of confidence you need to protect your family’s most valuable asset. Click through for brief overviews of the that work we perform for our clients:

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