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When facing the complex and meticulous process of obtaining or retaining a security clearance, the expertise of security clearance lawyers in New York becomes indispensable. At Avery Dooley & Noone, LLP, we support federal employees, contractors, and job applicants through every step of the security clearance process. Our team possesses extensive experience in handling employment-related litigation, including security clearance issues, ensuring that you receive comprehensive legal guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.


Understanding Security Clearances


The type of clearance you may be granted hinges on various factors, including your position, the employing agency or company, and the scope of work. Security clearances are categorized into three levels, with each level requiring a rigorous application and vetting process.


Confidential Clearance:This is the basic level, involving a thorough screening of foreign employment, immediate relatives, and other personal relationships. It requires reinvestigation every 15 years.


Secret Clearance: A step above confidential that requires a National Agency Check, Local Agency Check, and a Credit investigation. Factors like bankruptcy, unpaid bills, and criminal charges can disqualify an applicant. It is reinvestigated every 10 years.


Top Secret Clearance: This includes Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) & Special Access Programs (SAP) and necessitates an extensive background check known as a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). It is the most stringent level, reinvestigated every 5 years.


Navigating the Application Process


Applying for a security clearance involves an in-depth background investigation of your personal history. The process kicks off with the completion of the Personnel Security Questionnaire SF-86, which covers a range of topics from personal and family history to foreign travel and financial records. Applicants must answer honestly and thoroughly, as this information will undergo a detailed review by agency and government officials.


Background Investigation & Interview


A critical component of the clearance process is the formal interview, designed to assess your suitability for accessing classified information. This in-person interview with an investigator will cover various aspects of your life, including family, financial history, and foreign travel. It’s a chance to clarify any potential concerns and demonstrate your reliability and trustworthiness.


Your Rights and Remedies When Facing Denial


Should your application be denied or your clearance revoked, you will receive a Statement of Reasons outlining the specific concerns. Security clearance lawyers in New York can assist you in appealing this decision, focusing on mitigating factors and relevant legal precedents to argue your case effectively.

The adjudicative process evaluates a wide array of factors, including the nature and seriousness of any disclosed incidents, to determine your eligibility for clearance. Mitigating factors vary but can include evidence of rehabilitation, changes in behavior, or a lack of recurrence.


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The security clearance process is fraught with challenges and complexities. As security clearance lawyers in New York, Avery Dooley & Noone, LLP, offers profound expertise to navigate this daunting journey. Whether you’re applying for a clearance, facing revocation, or seeking to appeal a denial, our attorneys are equipped to provide the robust legal support and representation you need.


As security clearance lawyers Avery Dooley & Noone, LLP has helped clients navigate the legal system since 1921. We are one of the few law firms that handle security clearance cases. If you would like to apply for a security clearance, or contest or appeal negative security clearance investigations, actions, and decisions, Contact Us Today at (617) 489-5300 for a free consultation.