A whistleblower is an employee who exposes government abuse, fraud, mismanagement, and waste. Reprisal is an action that is designed to punish an employee for exercising his or her rights or designed to deter an employee from exercising those rights. Although the law prohibits an employing agency from retaliating against an employee who makes these protected disclosures, often the law is ignored and employees are subjected to retaliatory acts ranging from minor personnel decisions to removal.

The firm works with employees to properly channel complaints through the Office of Special Counsel, to request stays of transfers, suspensions, or removals, and to represent you in the investigative process and Individual Right of Action Appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board.

An Individual Right of Action (IRA) is a statutorily defined right to an appeal made directly to the Merit Systems Protection Board and may be available to federal employees who have previously filed whistleblower complaints with the Office of Special Counsel. If the personnel action taken against you is not within the Board’s regular appellate jurisdiction, you must first seek corrective action from the Office of Special Counsel before you can appeal to the Board. The process is sometimes overwhelming and confusing; contact us if you need legal assistance to successfully protect your rights.