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Federal Employment Lawyers in New York


If you’re a federal employee in New York, understanding the complexities of federal employment laws is crucial. These laws are designed to protect your rights and provide a framework for resolving various employment-related issues. At Avery Dooley & Noone, LLP, we are your go-to federal employment lawyers in New York, guiding clients through these intricate laws and ensuring your rights and interests are safeguarded.


Key Aspects of Federal Employment Laws in New York


  1. Disciplinary Matters: Federal employees in New York are subject to specific disciplinary procedures. These procedures must comply with due process rights, ensuring fairness and transparency. Our firm assists in navigating these processes, offering representation and advice to ensure your rights are upheld.
  2. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Appeals: The MSPB plays a crucial role in reviewing employment-related actions against federal employees. In New York, we help employees appeal decisions related to wrongful terminations, suspensions, demotions, and other adverse actions.
  3. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Anti-Discrimination Laws: Federal employees in New York are protected under various anti-discrimination laws. These include protections against discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, and other characteristics. We assist in filing complaints and representing clients in cases of alleged discrimination.
  4. Disability Discrimination and Accommodations: Under federal law, employees with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations. In New York, our firm helps employees understand their rights and ensures employers comply with these legal requirements.
  5. Disability and Forced Retirement Issues: Federal employees facing disability or forced retirement issues can find the legal landscape complex. We provide guidance on your rights and the options available, ensuring your interests are protected.
  6. Security Clearance Matters: For many federal employees in New York, maintaining security clearance is vital. Issues or disputes regarding clearance can have significant career implications. Our legal expertise covers the nuances of security clearance procedures and disputes.
  7. Whistleblower Protections: Federal law protects employees who report illegal or improper government activities. Our federal employment lawyers in New York represent whistleblowers, ensuring they are protected from retaliation and that their cases are handled appropriately.
  8. Prohibited Personnel Practices: Federal laws prohibit various unfair practices in the federal workplace, including nepotism, reprisal, and coercion. We help employees identify and address these prohibited practices.
  9. Grievance and Arbitration Procedures: Understanding and navigating grievance and arbitration procedures is vital for federal employees facing workplace disputes. Our firm provides expert guidance and representation in these processes.


Why Legal Expertise Matters in New York


Federal employment laws can be complex and vary significantly from private-sector employment laws. In New York, where federal employment issues often intersect with state laws, having legal expertise is invaluable. At Avery Dooley & Noone, LLP, we bring this expertise by helping you navigate the federal employment landscape confidently and effectively. If you’re a federal employee looking for federal employment lawyers in New York, Contact Avery Dooley & Noone, LLP, for professional legal assistance and guidance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.


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