Security Clearance Matters Regarding ROTC Cadets

Our attorneys have handled security clearance cases involving Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets. Like other applicants for security clearances, ROTC candidates may have some “skeletons” in their closet and need to explain those prior indiscretions.

For example, we have represented individuals applying for security clearances, including ROTC cadets applying for first duty assignments and security clearances, in which they have admitted to contact with family and friends from or in other countries, financial debt due to credit cards and/or other college expenses, regular underage use of drugs or alcohol, arrests for driving under the influence, arrests for disorderly behavior or assault for getting into fights, and arrests for presenting a fake identification to a police officer. These types of actions can lead to an initial security clearance being denied with a Statement of Reasons. The Statement of Reasons will list the guideline(s) that are relied upon in denying the application, such as Guideline B – Foreign Influence, Guideline C – Foreign Preference, Guideline F – Financial Considerations, Guideline G – Alcohol Consumption, Guideline H – Drug Involvement, and/or Guideline J – Criminal Conduct.

Our attorneys have assisted security clearance applicants, including ROTC cadets, in preparing a response to the Statement of Reasons. In developing that response, we have focused on personalized guidance to our clients, so they, through their actions, could demonstrate that they have accepted full responsibility for their prior actions or indiscretions, understand the seriousness of the charges, and are dedicated to correcting any past misconduct. By way of example, for someone charged with underage alcohol use or alcohol related arrests, it is important to take actions to mitigate these indiscretions, such as maintaining sobriety until reaching the legal age to consume alcohol, participating in alcohol education programs through the cadet’s school, and other healthier social choices. We also help clients secure character references attesting to the client’s worthiness for a security clearance. Ultimately, we
have worked to show that our clients’ actions were the youthful indiscretions of an otherwise trustworthy and responsible citizen. We work tirelessly to present robust, compelling defenses to assist clients in obtaining a security clearance. While we cannot guarantee this result will occur, our attorneys are experienced and will make our best effort to obtain that result.