Why Many Federal Employees Need Federal Liability Insurance

Obtaining the protection of Professional Liability Insurance is often a career-saving decision for many individuals who work for the federal government. You may already carry this type of insurance. If you do not, we recommend you visit the CareerGuard website.

CareerGuard is a product offered by the Mass Benefits insurance company. Although we do not work for Mass Benefits, for many years the company has hired our firm to represent its federal employee policyholders in need of representation, and we are listed by Mass Benefits as their preferred law firm. This means that if you purchase this product and need legal services, Mass Benefits will likely select our firm to provide those services.

Each year, professional liability insurance from Mass Benefits operates to save the careers of countless federal employees. Federal employees are often directly involved in litigation, investigations, discipline, and civil rights or constitutional complaints in U.S. District Court. Those who are the targets of—or are involved in—lawsuits, disciplinary actions, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaints, administrative investigations, and even criminal investigations often require the advice, assistance, and representation from lawyers with experience in such matters involving the federal government.

Through our Federal Employment Law Practice, I have witnessed the enormous benefit for federal employees who have protected themselves and their careers with a professional liability insurance policy from Mass Benefits. Too often, I have also seen federal employees unable to fully defend their jobs because they failed to carry insurance and thus could not afford the services of an attorney.

In today’s litigious and uncertain climate, it is more important than ever for federal employees and managers to protect themselves with professional liability insurance. Please read our brief whitepaper on this topic to learn more about which federal employees need personal liability insurance, typical areas of personal liability insurance coverage, and how to learn more about obtaining personal liability coverage to protect your career and your family’s financial future.